Heat Pump Installation Or Heat Pump Replacement In Tsawwassen BC.

Heat pump

Are you a resident of Tsawwassen and it’s surroundings looking to install or replace your heat pump?. Get in touch today with our highly professional team at Knowledge Hvac & Refrigeration Ltd. Our team of professionals are fully licensed, certified and have many years of experience in heat pump installation or replacement.

When it comes on to heat pump installation or replacement, proper procedures will have to be taken into consideration. Some of these procedures are:

  • The correct size unit.
  • Purge copper tubing during brazing.
  • Ensure refrigeration system is evacuate down to correct mirons.
  • The correct size wire for the electrical power.
  • Proper sloping of the refrigerant pipes.

Therefore, having the right contractor will ensure that the job is done correctly in order for your system to work properly. 

 Benefits Of Having A Heat Pump.

Customers having a heat pump system installed in their home, have the benefits of having heating and cooling throughout the year. Therefore, during the cold weather, you can rely on your heat pump to provide you with heat. As for those hot summer days, your system can also provide you with cooling to keep your home comfortable. 

With today’s high efficiency heat pump systems, customers are able to operate their system at a lower cost. This means that your electric consumption are lower with you achieving the same temperature in a quicker time.

Heat Pump Repair In Tsawwassen, BC

Heat pump systems are compact with electronic circuitry and devices which monitors the operation of the system. However, these devices may give problems from time to time and will require someone with technical expertise. With our highly trained professional team, we guaranteed our customers will receive the right individual for the job. 

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