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Boiler Installation in Langley , Surrey & BC

Boiler installation, repair and service should be done by a certified boiler contractor. A boiler is a closed vessel in which fluid (generally water) is heated, however, the fluid does not necessarily boil. The heated fluid exits the boiler by the use of circulation pumps to various heating applications which include water heating, central heating, based-board, cooking, and sanitation. Most hydronic boilers burn natural gas to heat or boil water. Boilers can operate with water temperatures ranging from 90 degrees F  to 200 degrees F. Most boilers are conventional boilers that operate at water temperatures above 140 degrees F.

This high operating temperature prevents combustion gases from condensing on the heat exchanger. If the water in the boiler drops below 140 degrees F it absorbs so much heat that the combustion gases produced by the boiler begin to condense back into a liquid, which is highly corrosive. The corrosive condensate that forms inside the boiler reduces its operational life and can result in damage to the flue as well. To avoid condensation, boiler thermostat monitoring return water temperature should be set to ensure water temperature stays above 140 degrees F. 

Compared to forced air heating systems, boiler heating systems offer the following benefits:

  • More consistent temperature level. For this reason, temperatures remain steady for longer periods of time in hydronic systems than forced air systems.     
  • Increase efficiency and reduce operational cost.
  • Do not remove as much moisture from indoor air.
  • Do not introduce any dust, allergens or mould into the conditioned space

Hydronic systems are used in some single-family homes and apartment buildings. The boiler that is used to heat water for hydronic systems may also be used for domestic water heating. Using hot water also allows the user to adjust the temperature of the circulating water based on heating demand, which is not possible with other boilers. 

Note: Manufacturers recommend that your boiler installation service and inspection should be done at least once per year, in order to sustain the life of your system. 

Boiler contractor is required by technical safety BC to comply with safety rules and regulations. Water Boiler repair, install and service must comply with local codes, rules and regulations.


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