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Electric Baseboard Heater

Electric baseboard heater repair and install should be done by a qualified contractor. An electric baseboard heating unit consists of an electric heating element. This unit is mounted close to the floor on the wall and normally install under a window. The reason for this is to create a barrier between the cold temperature entering the room or building. The casing is designed to effectively move air across the heating element through natural convection. Most common baseboard heaters needs a supply voltage of 240 volts rather than 110 volts.  The advantage of using a higher voltage unit is to save on your electric energy consumption. These units are control by their own thermostat. Therefore, making it easier for occupants to regulate each room temperature independently. This will eliminate adjusting the temperature of the entire building. 

Note: It is a general recommendation to have the surrounding of your baseboard heater clear of furnitures. Dust can also affect the performance of the baseboard heater. Customers should always vacuum or clean heater housing and fins to remove as much dust as possible. 

Electric Baseboard Thermostat

Thermostats are usually install on an open wall away from the baseboard heater unit. This will sense the condition space temperature and adjust accordingly. There are multiple temperature settings which an individual would use to control their desired comfort. Baseboard heater thermostat may have a single pole or double pole switch mechanism. This will determine installation application selection. Electric baseboard thermostat should be install or repair by a qualified individual. 

Individuals should always take into consideration caution measures when working on these equipment. Single pole thermostat will only control one side of the voltage. As a result, voltage will always be present at the unit. Whereas, a Double pole thermostat opens both legs of the power in the circuit, thus reducing the risk of short circuit.   

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