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 Abbotsford Walk in freezer repair, service and install should be done by a certified refrigeration technician in Surrey . Walk in Freezer means an enclosed storage space refrigerated to temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit that can be walked into and has a total chilled storage area of less than 3,000 square feet. The ideal temperature for a commercial freezer is 0F to -10F. The low side of a commercial freezer refrigeration system is where the cooling takes place. Heat is absorbed into the refrigerant in the evaporator and eventually passes to the compressor inlet, into the high side of the system, where it is rejected. The low-pressure side of a commercial refrigeration system can include any of the following components. 

  • Forced-draft Evaporator – This is a unit equipped with a fan, that blows air over the coil’s compact refrigerant tubes and fins. The surrounding heat would then absorbed into the refrigerant.
  • Suction line – This tube is where the low-temperature refrigerant gas travels back to the compressor.
  • Suction line filter-driers – These are often mounted in a suction line to prevent foreign particles and moisture from entering the compressor. Replacement of these filter driers is necessary following a compressor burnout.
  • Accumulator –  This consists of a tank with a reservoir on the bottom for liquid refrigerant, an inlet and an outlet on top for vapor refrigerant. This design ensures that only vapor refrigerant is drawn out of the accumulator and through the rest of the suction line into the compressor. 
  • Pressure switch – This device protects the compressor by shutting it down whenever the refrigerant is low within the system.
  • EPR valve – This consists of an adjustable spring, a bellows or diaphragm, a needle and a seat. Two opposing forces working together to operate evaporator pressure regulators. An EPR may also be called an open on rising of the inlet pressure valve.
  • CPR valve – This is installed ahead of the compressor inlet to protect the compressor from excessive suction line pressure. As suction line pressure rises, the CPR closes reducing the flow of refrigerant vapor.

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Within the walk in freezer, bacteria grows faster in the temperature range between 40 deg and 140 deg F. This is generally called the DANGER ZONE. Food safety authority advises that meat, poultry, milk etc should never be left out of refrigeration over two hours and one hour if the temperature is about 90 deg F.

Note: Walk in freezer repair service and install is extremely important to have them done by a certified  Surrey refrigeration Technician in order for the system to reach health and safety recommended temperature. Refrigeration technician in Abbotsford must comply with health and safety rules and regulation practices.

Surrey Commercial refrigeration systems may be custom designed and constructed to meet the specific needs of the customer. These systems may use any of a number of methods to achieve the desired cooling capacities under the expected operating condition. 

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