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Electric Furnace in Surrey

Surrey electric furnace repair in surrey  should be done by a certified electrical contractor . An electric furnace consist of a central air handler with electric heating elements that are used to warm circulating air for a conditioned space. There are many different size of Surrey Electric furnace for various application. Many of these system maybe use for residential and commercial heating. In both residential and commercial application, you may find electric heating as the primary source of heating for the building.

A low voltage thermostat is typically use to control multiple stage during a call for heat. With a programmable thermostat, you can preset when and how long your electric furnace   should operates. Operation of these types of furnaces can be very expensive on your hydro bill. It is recommend to have a heat pump system install along with your electric furnace. This will help in the reduction of your electric consumption and assist with system efficiency

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Electric furnace in Surrey are often smaller than gas furnace of similar heating capacity. Also, electric furnace repair Abbotsford or electric furnace installation in Abbotsford does not require the connection of a gas line. These units can be  position in many different ways, therefore they can be installed as up-flow, down flow or horizontal. This will allow for installation in more compact and diverse places compare to gas furnace.

Note:  Electric furnace repair in Surrey must be done at least once a year, whether it’s in the spring or in the fall. Annual electric furnace maintenance including a thorough examination and cleaning of the parts that commonly malfunction. These include air filter, fan motor, electric element and  electrical contactor which can usually prevent major problems.

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Basic Components of a Furnace

  • Blower fan motor
  • Fusible link
  • Electric element
  • Circuit board
  • Transformer 
  • Contactor
  • Fuses

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