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Radiant Tube Heater

Radiant Tube Heater

Radiant Tube Heater installation and repair service should be done by a certified contractor. These Gas-Fired Radiant Tube Heater are dustless units, which uses reflector to help focus heat within a specific space, such as floor, ceiling panel or walls. In this type of heaters, about 80% of the heat energy is converted into radiant heat. These units typically operates within range of 400 deg F – 1100 deg F. Commercial Radiant Tube Heater can be classified as indirect radiant or infrared heat which emits heat to a solid object in a conditioned space. This heat is then release to the surrounding or condition space.

The amount of heat radiates by an radiant tube heater can provide a very comfortable environment, even in a location where the temperature of the air is lower than normal. A wall thermostat is generally use to controls room temperature by monitoring the amount of heat within the condition space.

Many Radiant Tube Heaters are use in residential, commercial and industrial applications, as a supplementary heating or a primary heating system which can be connected in multiply zones. Although Radiant heating primarily heats object through radiant heat, it also provides convective heat by warming the ambient air somewhat. This kind of heating system has excellent  heat distribution compared to convective heating methods such as forced air.

Recommend: It is recommended by manufacturer to have these equipment service and check, once per year. Carbon Monoxide can be produce by these systems due to lack of maintenance. This deadly gas is a colorless, odorless and tasteless by-product of in-complete combustion. 

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