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A hot water tank (also called a water heater) is used for storing hot water for space heating or domestic use. The high efficient insulated hot water tank can retain and stored heated hot water longer, which would reduce fuel costs. These may have a built-in gas, oil burner system or electric immersion heaters. Some types use an external heat exchanger such as a central heating system or heated water from another energy source. The most typical in the domestic context is a fossil-fuel burner, electric immersion elements or a district heating scheme. It is recommended that your Surrey hot water tank installation, service and install by a certified hot water tank installers in Surrey. Many insurance companies will not validate your insurance if your system is over ten years old. 


Your water heater plays a crucial role in your home’s comfort, but it’s not invincible. Over time, it can start showing signs of wear and tear. Here are six indicators that it might be time to consider hot water tank replacement .

hot water tank installation abbotsford
  • Age of the Hot Water Heater

Hot water heater have a limited lifespan, typically around 10 years. If your unit is a decade old or more, it’s on borrowed time. Continuing to use it beyond its intended lifespan can lead to inefficiency and potential safety issues.
To determine the age of your water heater, locate the manufacturer’s sticker and check the serial number. The first two numbers in the serial number usually indicate the year of manufacture.

  • Discolored Water

If your hot water heater has a rusty or reddish tint, it’s a red flag. This discoloration is often a result of rust forming inside the water heater tank. Rusty water not only tastes unpleasant but may also be unsafe. It’s a clear signal that your hot water heater is deteriorating and should be replaced promptly.

hot water tank installation abbotsford
  • Unusual Noises

Strange clunking, banging, or rumbling noises emanating from your hot water heater are a cause for concern. These sounds are often the result of sediment buildup inside the tank. In older tanks, this can signify a need for hot water tank replacement. In some cases, a certified plumber can resolve the issue with a tank flush.

  • Leaking Tank

A leaking hot water heater is never a good sign. When metal heats and cools repeatedly, it can develop cracks, leading to leaks around the tank. If you spot puddles near your hot water heater during use, it’s a strong indication that it’s time for a new unit.

hot water tank installation surrey
  • Inadequate Heating

As water heaters age, their performance can decline. If your hot water is no longer consistently hot or only sporadically so, it could be due to internal wear and tear. While some issues may be fixable with repairs, others may necessitate a full replacement to restore efficient heating.

  • Sediment or Sand Buildup

Murky, muddy, or sandy water coming from your taps is a clear sign of sediment accumulation in the bottom of your water tank. This buildup can lead to corrosion, making your tank vulnerable to leaks. Addressing this issue promptly is crucial to prevent further damage.

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Hot Water Tank Three Most Common Parts:

Pressure & Temperature Relief Valve (T&P Valve)

prv valve

Pressure and Temperature Relief Valve (T&P Valve): 

This safety valve is designed to release excess heat and water pressure in order to protect the tank from rupture. These valves are set to open when the water pressure reaches 150 psi, or when the water temperature reaches 210 degrees. In the event of a leaking valve, individuals should have a qualified person inspect and replace the valve. 

Sacrificial Anode

Sacrificial Anode

Sacrificial Anodes:

This is installed inside the hotwater tank to help control the rate of rust and corrosion on the tank. As a result, the anode rod will corrode to protect the exposed melt of the tank. These are generally made from relatively pure active metals, such as magnesium, aluminum, or zinc.

Note: This rod will eventually decay overtime which will leave your hot water tank unprotected. The life expectancy of the anode rode is around 3-7 years. It is generally recommended to replace your anode after 5 years in order to extend the life of your tank. 

Gas Control Valve

hot water tank gas valve

 Gas Control Valve:

  • This valve on a hot water tank is designed to control the flow of gas to the burner.
  • Allows the flame to heat the water inside of the tank while monitoring the water temperature.
  • Monitor pilot gas and flame. The valve would sense this flame by receiving an electrical signal from the thermopile or thermocouple, which sits in the pilot flame.  
  • The valve is also designed with multiple temperature settings for individual comfort.
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Professional Hot Water Tank Replacement & Installation in Surrey: Reliable Solutions for Your Water Heating Needs

During the process of a   hot water tank installation in Surrey, hot water tank replacement  in Abbotsford or repair, proper procedure must be taken into consideration. With our team’s many years of experience in  hot water heater replacement and hot water tank installation in Abbotsford. Customers can rest assured knowing that our team of experts will have the job done correctly. The gas hot water tank has the potential to produce high levels of carbon monoxide which is not good for human health. Therefore, a number of checks must be done in order to prevent this to happen. At Knowledge HVAC & Refrigeration, we can take care of all your hot water tank needs in Abbotsford. We install gas, electric, high efficiency and hot water tank in Abbotsford  . So give us a call today to speak to one of our hot water tank installer in Surrey.


Reliable Surrey Hot Water Tank Repair: Restoring Efficient Water Heating Systems

During the lifespan of your hot water tank, customers may experience problems and may need a hot water tank repair their system in Surrey. However, choosing the right hot water tank installer that you can trust may be challenging. Here are some of the questions you can ask a contractor in order to have that peace of mind.

  • Are they registered with the Technical Safety BC?
  • Are they certified to work on gas equipment?
  • Can they pull the correct permit?

Our team are all factory trained on a wide range of water heater problems. So regardless of the hot water system, our experts are trained to detect any problems you are having. We provide hot water tank repair in Abbotsford to both our commercial and residential customers. So whether you have forty gallons to a hundred and fifty gallons, our team will be able to help.  

Professional Hot Water Tank Service in Surrey: Enhancing Efficiency and Performance

 Manufacturers have always recommended your  hot water tank to be service every year. But by doing so, this will also extend the life of your water tank. Hot water tank services in Surrey is technical and must be done by someone who knows what they are doing. Because of the fact you are working with fire, gas and the equipment potential of producing carbon monoxide. These are all dangerous and can lead up to major damages or injuries to an individual or to the building.

We have the team, training and qualifications so get in touch with us today and speak to someone from our team. At Knowledge HVAC & Refrigeration we provide our team with the opportunity of doing continual factory training. These are all in the categories of heating, cooling and refrigeration. Therefore, by doing so, we can provide our customers with the right expertise. 

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