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Knowledge HVAC & Refrigeration is proud to offer boiler services in Tsawwassen, BC. These services include everything from installation, replacement, repairs, cleaning, inspections and maintenance. So, with whatever your specific boiler needs are, our experts have the skill, training and knowledge to have your system up and running in no time.

Tsawwassen BC Boiler Experts.

Residents of Tsawwassen, BC have always counted on us for their boiler repair services. Above all, with our quality, reliable and affordable rates, we are considered to be among the best heating and cooling companies. So give us a call today and experience our service for yourself.

Boiler Repair Services In Tsawwassen BC.

Is your boiler system providing the consistent, reliable comfort and functioning that your family deserves?. Well, it’s time to get in touch with your Local boiler repair experts here at Knowledge HVAC & Refrigeration. Therefore, don’t wait for the problem to worsen by putting off the repairs. Take action now and schedule an appointment to have one of our trained boiler repair experts access the problem. 

Boiler Cleaning And Maintenance In Tsawwassen BC.

When was the last time you have your boiler servicing done?. Just like anything else, it’s a requirement to have your boiler inspection done on a yearly basis. Besides, there are some major issues that can happen due to lack of boiler maintenance. Such as;

  • The building up of soot within the boiler will block the exhaust.
  • High level of carbon monoxide.
  • Crack heat exchanger.
  • Flame roll-out due to blockage.
  • Leaky safety valves and defective electrical valves.
  • The system could also start a fire, due to combustible items. 

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