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Electric Hot water tank also called Electric water heater, are used for creating and storing hot water for commercial or domestic use. Most high efficient insulated water tank can retain and stored hot water longer. As a result, the cost of electric consumption reduce. The difference between an electric hot water tank and a gas burning water tank is the way in which the water is heated. The gas tank relies on heat from the burner or burners which heats the outside of the water tank. As for the electric hot water tank, the water is heated by the use of an electric element. This element sits inside the water and creates heat as a result of electric voltage passing through the element, thus relying on an electrical power source.  

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Electric Hot Water Tank Replacement in Surrey Signs:

  • signs of water leaks 
  • calcium built-up 
  • pilot burner shutting down constantly
  • low hot water pressure
  • rusty water marks
  • lack of hot water
  • tank over ten years (Recommend)


  • It is recommend that your electric hot water tank  installation and  repair by a certified electrical contractor in Surrey and Abbotsford.
  • Customers can also drain their electric hot water tank and flush the system on an annual basis ( power source to water tank should be turned off before starting procedure).   
  • Testing pressure relief valve by opening and closing valve ( water should always be cool, this will prevent burning injuries in the event of an accident). 
  • Thermostat should be set to a maximum of 120 deg F. This will save you money on energy consumption. 

Note: Many insurance companies will not validate your insurance if your system is over ten years old. 

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