Save Money On Your Gas Heating Bills
Save Money On Your Gas Heating Bills

How To Save Money On Your Gas Heating Bills


How To Save Money On Your Gas Heating Bills

In our recent article about why you should service your furnace regularly, one of the main benefits we listed was the possibility to save money on your gas heating bills.

Todays blog post is all about more ways in which you can reduce your energy bills at home by lowering your heating costs.

As homeowners, we tend to take our heating systems for granted.

We flick a switch or turn a dial, and we get warmth.

Most people don’t do basic maintenance on their heating systems. But they should. Because even the most basic furnace maintenance can help to save you money on your heating bills.

So, what can you do to reduce your heating costs?

  • Replace Your Air Filters
  • Service Your Furnace System
  • Eliminate Drafts
  • Reduce The Temperature On Your Hot Water Tank
  • Getting Your Furnace Serviced

Replace Your Air Filters

There are actually a number of reasons why furnace air filters should be replaced on a regular basis.

One of the main reasons is the topic of our blog post today.

Replacing your furnace air filters regularly can help to save you money on your gas heating bills by drastically reducing the amount of work your furnace has to do (and therefore reducing the amount of energy it needs to do that work).

Over time, air filters naturally become clogged with dust and lint.

When air filters become clogged and blocked with dust, it becomes much more difficult for your heating system to efficiently distribute the warm air it generates.

The system has to work harder to pump the heat through the dusty air filter, and your living spaces become slow or more difficult to heat up. Because of this, you may gradually start to turn up your heating if you are not feeling like your space is being warmed up as well as it used to.

All of this extra work on the furnace uses more energy. And as we all know, more energy means bigger bills.

For a more detailed overview of what a furnace air filter is and why you should replace it regularly, see our recent blog post here.


Service Your Furnace System

Regular, professional servicing of your furnace system by our highly experienced HVAC specialists can help to save you money on your energy bills by making sure that your system is always running at optimum efficiency.

Our technicians have years of experience with all makes and models of furnace systems and we know how to keep them running at optimum condition.

Not only does regular furnace maintenance save you money on reduced heating bills, but it will also help to save you money in the long run by reducing your risk of an expensive boiler or furnace failure due to neglect – something we see all too often here at Knowledge HVAC and Refrigeration.


Eliminate Drafts

Drafts are not only a problem because they let the cold air in, but they’re also letting all of your expensive heated air out.

Draft blockers or excluders are easily purchased online or in stores and can significantly help to lower your energy bills this winter.


Reduce The Temperature On Your Hot Water Tank

Have you ever noticed the lights dim slightly when you turn on the kettle?

That’s no coincidence.

It takes a lot of energy to heat up water.

Most hot water systems we get called out to have their temperatures set significantly higher than necessary.

One of the ways that we advise our customers to save money on their heating bills is simply by reducing the temperature on their hot water heater by a few degrees.

For most of the ways we use hot water in the house, it simply doesn’t need to be scalding hot. Yet most of the time, this is what hot water systems are set to produce.

The reality is that most people will cope just fine with that temperature being reduced just a little bit. And that small reduction in energy used leads to a big saving on your energy bills over time.

Getting Your Furnace Serviced

To get your furnace serviced or for general furnace maintenance, give one of our technicians a call today on 778-522-5669.