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Benefits Of Getting Your Furnace Serviced Regularly

As most homeowners are aware, regular servicing of your furnace is highly recommended.

Very few people, however, actually take that recommendation seriously.

Just like most things mechanical, we tend to take them for granted until they break down and stop working.

Then we call an HVAC repair company to come out and get our furnaces back up and running.

It’s a costly and avoidable mistake we see homeowners making time and time again.

Here’s why neglecting your furnace is a bad idea, and why you should always make sure to get regular furnace servicing in Surrey, Langley and Coquitlam.


Repairs are usually more costly than maintenance

A regular furnace servicing is a relatively quick and cheap process, and our trained Technicians work around your schedule to make servicing your furnace as easy and painless as possible.

We recommend that homeowners have their furnace serviced once per year on a regular basis, and the cost of a regular service is usually far offset by the savings made on subsequent repairs.

Remember that old saying – “The prevention is better than the cure”?

When it comes to furnace maintenance – It’s true.

Waiting for something to go wrong with your furnace is usually a recipe for big repair bills and emergency callouts, and many of these breakdowns can be easily avoided with a routine furnace servicing.


Save Money On Your Energy Bills

Lowering the chances of costly repairs isn’t the only way that a regular furnace servicing could save you money.

What if we told you that regular servicing and tune-up of your home furnace could actually help to reduce your energy bills?

A key part of any good furnace service is a general performance tune-up.

There are several things that can be done as part of the service that will help to optimize the efficiency of the furnace and help it to produce the same heat results while using less energy.

Not only does this help to reduce your energy bills, but a more efficient furnace also means a greener, more environmentally friendly home. All of that, without effecting your warmth or comfort at all.

Here in BC, winters are cold. And it’s not uncommon for heating systems to account for more than half of your home’s total energy bills.

So if a regular furnace servicing can help to reduce that energy consumption, this can lead to a noticeable saving.


Keeping Your Family Safe

Carbon monoxide poisoning is one of the biggest dangers facing your family at home.

Part of the reason carbon monoxide is so dangerous is that it’s almost impossible to detect without the right equipment. The gas itself is completely odorless and colorless.

That means that you could have a carbon monoxide leak and not even be aware of it.

Carbon monoxide is highly dangerous and breathing it in can be fatal. The gas is similar enough in molecular structure to the common but completely harmless carbon dioxide, that our bodies treat it in a similar way. The danger, however, is that carbon monoxide binds or sticks itself to blood cells, leaving less space for those all-important oxygen particles to be transported around the body that keep our muscles and organs running.

Over a short period of time, levels of carbon monoxide in the blood build-up, and the body starts to struggle with getting enough oxygen flow around the body. You’ll feel tired and lethargic as a result and prolonged exposure can be fatal.

One of the most common means of carbon monoxide leaks in the home is a faulty furnace.

Regular furnace servicing can help to detect broken or faulty parts on the furnace system that can be causing or lead to a carbon monoxide leak.

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