You are currently viewing Checklist Before Turning On Your Air Conditioning System This Summer.

Checklist Before Turning On Your Air Conditioning System This Summer.

Checklist Before Turning On Your Air Conditioning System This Summer.

Spring is here and before you know it, the temperature will be rising soon. However, many customers have used this time as an opportunity to test their air conditioning systems. But before you turn your system on, there are a few checks to be done.  The summers are getting hotter each year due to global warming. So by having a working air conditioning system will make your home a lot more comfortable. Nevertheless, before testing your air conditioner customers should ensure checking what we are about to discuss below.

Air Filters.

Your air filter is very important and should be checked more frequently. However, if your filter is dirty or plug, it should be replaced with a clean air filter. Having a new filter, you are not only allowing more airflow through the system but also ensuring better indoor air quality. For further information on filters, check out our furnace filter blog.

Circuit Breaker.

The electrical fuse box is where all your circuit breakers are for your home. However, many customers have chosen to turn off their system power during the air conditioner offseason. Therefore, always checked to ensure your system is getting power by turning on your breaker.

Condenser Unit.

Customers should always check and remove all covers from off their outdoor condenser units. In addition, clear all areas around the condensing unit and wash the condenser coil with water pressure. Also, check and ensure that your fan blades are clear from any debris and turns freely.

Air Vents.

The air vents throughout your home should be checked to ensure that they are all open. And by doing so, customers will eliminate the potential of a system freeze up due to lack of airflow.

Thermostat Test.

Most thermostats are equipped with the usage of batteries. Therefore, check and replace all batteries on a yearly basis. However, after doing all of the above, customers can now change their thermostats to cool. After adjusting the system to the desired temperature, Customers can now turn on their air conditioner for testing.

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