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Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips In Vancovuer

Air Conditioner Vancouver Maintenance Tips

Spring is now officially just around the corner and the unusually sunny recent weather has us gearing up for a long and sunny summer again this coming season.

If you don’t already get regular air conditioner servicing then you may want to book in now to avoid the increased waiting times that inevitably build-up at the beginning of the busy summer period.

Today’s blog post is all about air conditioner vancouver maintenance, and our goal is to give you some useful tips and tricks you can try yourself at home to help keep your ac machine running smoothly.

  1.  Regularly Clean Your Air Filters
  2.  Check Your Fins and Coils
  3.  Service Your AC Regularly

1 – Regularly Clean Your Air Filters

Filters on the exterior of the AC unit help to prevent dust and dirt from making its way into the AC system itself, where it can build up and cause problems.

These air filters, however, need regular cleaning and changing in order to prevent them from becoming clogged.

Without regular cleaning or changing, the build-up of dust and dirt in these filters will slow down the efficiency of your AC unit, as the machine is forced to work harder to pump out the cooled air.

That’s why cleaning and changing your AC systems filters is the first tip on our list of air conditioner maintenance tips.


2 – Check Your Fins and Coils

Among the less technical parts of your AC unit are the Air Conditioner Coils and the Coil Fins.

The coil is the part of the unit that absorbs the heat from the air it takes in.

Even the cleanest air filters will still allow some small amounts of dirt and dust to enter the system, and over time you will notice these build up on the surface of your unit’s coils.

This is bad news for your AC unit, as a coil coated in dust will naturally absorb less heat from the air.

That means your unit’s efficiency is drastically reduced when the dust is allowed to build up around the coils.

An air conditioning unit that is forced to work harder will not only consume more power and cost more money to run, but it will also be more prone to breaking down as it becomes overworked.

Clean your coils regularly to avoid any potential problems.

While your cleaning your coils, take a check on your coil fins.

Coil fins are the thin pieces of aluminum on the ends of your machine’s coils.

They are very easy to bend and bent foils reduce the air intake towards the coils that do the cooling.

Make sure your foils are straight and maximize your unit’s airflow for more efficient cooling.


3 – Service Your AC Regularly

The third and most important air conditioner vancouver maintenance tip is to ensure that you service your ac unit regularly.

Here at Knowledge HVAC & Refrigeration, our expert technicians have experience servicing a wide range of air conditioner brands, makes and models.

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