5 Signs Your HVAC Duct System Needs Cleaning.

5 Signs Your HVAC Air Ducts Need Cleaning.

 5 Signs Your HVAC Duct System Needs Cleaning.


5 Signs Your HVAC Duct System Needs Cleaning.

When it comes to having clean air flowing throughout your home. Customers will have to rely on the air filter within their HVAC duct system. With so many things inside your home contributing towards the indoor air quality. Maintaining your HVAC ducting system should be done on a regular basis. However, many people today have neglected their ducting system due to the fact that it doesn’t have any moving parts. But each time your HVAC system turns on, you are re-circulating air throughout your home. So, by contacting your local duct cleaning company, this will ensure your home having a cleaner environment.

Here are the 5 signs for HVAC duct system need cleaning:

  1. Dusty Furniture And Appliance
  2. Clogged Filter
  3. If You Have odor Coming from your HVAC Duct System
  4. Poor Health Condition
  5. Ducting System Has Never Been Cleaned

(1) Dusty Furniture And Appliance.

Furniture and appliance are all over your home. However, If you find yourself cleaning and dusting these things every day, then it’s time to have your ducting cleaned. Another area to look at is your venting. If the walls surrounding the venting outlet are discoloured or dust exit your vents whenever your system turns on. It is time for you to contact your local cleaner.

(2) Clogged Filter.

If you find that your filter is being plugged within a short period and you’ve been changing it more frequently. Then it’s time to have your HVAC ducts cleaned.

Unless where you are living is contributing to plugging up your air filters. Depending on the size of the filter, it should last you for some time.

(3) If You Have Odour Coming from your HVAC Duct System.

Are you having a musky scent coming out of your venting during system operation?. Is there a burning scent during the heating mode?. How about the air within your home, does it taste funny?. However, if you are experiencing any of these things, you should have your ducts clean right away.

(4) Poor Health Condition.

With poor air quality within your home, you may experience some of these symptoms.

  • Having trouble breathing.
  • You are experiencing a severe sinus problem.
  • Constantly having a stuffy nose.
  • Sneezing all the time.
  • Coughing all the time.
  • Feeling fatigued.
  • Allergies.
  • Asthma attacks.

(5) Ducting System Has Never Been Cleaned.

If you have never clean your ducting system within the last five years, you should think about doing so. It is recommended that you have your ducting system cleaned at least once within five years.

HVAC duct cleaning should be done by professionals who are certified and who knows what they are doing. They normally use a commercial vacuum system with a powered brush to loosen dirt and debris from your HVAC ducting system. So contact your local cleaner today, to have your system cleaned.

What Causes Your Home Indoor Air Quality To Be Bad.

Most of what contributes towards bad indoor air quality are:

  • The different types of cleaning chemicals used inside your home.
  •  How often do you change your air filter?.
  • Are you living near a construction site, factories or extremely dry areas?.
  • Is your home full of carpets?.
  • Do you wear your shoes inside your home?.
  • Lack of maintenance to your ducting system.

Therefore, any of the above will contribute to bad air quality. So if you find yourself cleaning your home more often than before, it’s time to have your ducting cleaned. But to get a better understanding of what signs to look for, we will discuss these below.