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Many Customers of Delta BC and it’s surrounding have use us to do their heat pump installation and replacement. However, most of our clients in these areas had contact us through referral from friends and family. We greatly appreciate the support we received from customers living in Delta BC and it’s surroundings. 

Heat Pump installation or replacement should be done by a qualified contractor. Therefore, it is the customer responsibility to ensure that the contractor they choose are qualified. At knowledge Hvac & Refrigeration, our team of professionals are fully trained and certified to work on all heat pumps. With our many years of experience, we guaranteed our customers that they will receive the highest level of professionalism.    

Heat Pump Installation in Delta.

Having a high efficiency heat Pump install, will save you a lot on your electric bill. This type of savings will happen when comparing customers with baseboard heaters or an electric furnace. Therefore, having the correct size system will maintain the comfort of your home as close to zero degree as possible. 

With the new refrigerant that comes with these newer system. Hence, it is recommend during the course of installation to have all refrigerant pipes cleaned and moisture free. So, having the right team to do your heat pump installation, will enhance the life of your system.

Heat Pump Replacement In Delta BC.

Are you planning on replacing your heat pump system?. Is your system breaking down due to it’s age?. Is your system not cooling like it was before?. Maybe it’s time to replace your heat pump. Knowledge Hvac & Refrigeration have the right team to take care of all your heat pump installation.

Did You Know?.

  • Try not to use your heat pump system if temperatures is zero degree or lower. 
  • Older heat pump system may contain refrigerant 22 which is now phased out.
  • Not maintain your heat pump yearly will cause your system to loose it’s efficiency. 
  • Your condensing unit should be kept as clean as possible at all times.
  • You can use your heat pump for both heating and cooling.

Some of the areas in Delta BC and it’s surroundings we service.

  • Tsawwassen BC
  • Ladner BC
  • North Delta Bc
  • Chalmers Delta BC
  • Kittson Delta BC

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