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The Top 5 Common Furnace Repairs You Should Know About

The Top 5 Common Furnace Repairs You Should Know About

Furnace repair in Surrey and Langley BC

Have you ever considered the possibility that your furnace might be failing? What comes to mind when considering your furnace besides something that keeps you warm and comfortable during cold winter?

However, there can be problems waiting to happen. Some of these are the system not heating up or not getting as hot as it should. Having an awareness is essential when identifying and fixing issues with your furnace. This applies to you or any HVAC company you hire to correct the problem. Do not allow anyone to convince you that you need a new furnace without properly checking your system.

The Top 5 Common Furnace Repair you should know about:

  • Broken Heat Exchanger
  • Unusual Sounds
  • Broken Thermostat
  • Dirty Ductwork
  • Unpleasant Smells
  • Dirty Air Filter

 Heat Exchanger not Working

Furnace repair in Surrey and Langley BC







The heat exchanger won’t be the first component that comes to mind if your furnace isn’t operating. It is a furnace component that exchanges the cold temperature for heat from within the furnace. The issue with this is that, with time, it may keep filling with dust and other byproducts from the burn combustion gas. If this occurs, your furnace may operate at a much lower temperature, making your home colder than it should. To prevent losing heat, you must have this checked by a qualified professional.

If your heat exchanger starts to malfunction, you can either replace the heat exchanger or the furnace. If a working heat exchanger is present, replacing the damaged cell is the best way to repair it. But remember that other parts and mechanisms may also need replacement. 

 Unusual Sounds

A loud noise coming from your furnace may indicate something is wrong. The blower motor or inducer fan motor may be making the noise. If your blower motor has many speeds, its sounds will vary depending on whether it operates at high or low speed.

A problem with the motor’s bearings may exist if the noise comes from your inducer fan motor. Due to this, there may be one of two issues: either they need to be lubricated and replaced or clogged with debris and need cleaning.

It may be necessary to replace the blower motor if the noise is coming from it because it may have overheated. If this is the case, your thermostat should come with warning lights that flash when the temperature has been too high or too low for an extended period. 

Thermostat Requires Repairs

Thermostat Repair in Surrey and Langley BC









The most central element of your furnace is the thermostat. It controls the system’s operation, which tells the furnace how long it should operate. Your furnace may not be functioning correctly if your thermostat is malfunctioning. This could lead to overheating problems and other issues.

If your furnace stops functioning, you should check its thermostat first. When something isn’t working, it’s possible that someone has interfered with it or that it’s completely broken. If you replace a part and discover it is still malfunctioning, your furnace may have other issues to resolve.

When your furnace breaks, you need to act right away to stop more damage from happening. You should contact the skilled professional at Knowledge HVAC & Refrigeration LTD. We have been offering reliable services for many years! If you need a  repair furnace in Surrey or Langley, BC, call 778-522-5669 immediately!

Dirty Ductwork

furnace repair in surrey and langley BC

Dirty ductwork is one of the most frequent issues affecting your furnace. Your furnace’s ducts need to be kept clean regularly. Regular furnace filter replacement is also recommended.

Your HVAC system may run longer than necessary if your furnace’s air filter is dirty, making it work harder and costing you more to operate. If this occurs, you may need to change or clean the filter more frequently.

Your furnace will have to work harder than it needs to because of the clogged filter, which could cause other problems like excessive wear on the heating components and possible damage from overheating if too much heat is directed into the insulation or walls of the unit.

 Unpleasant Smells

Unpleasant smells can suggest a severe issue with your furnace besides being a problem. Your furnace could transfer an unpleasant odour for many reasons, including:

Fire: If your furnace smells terrible, a fire may be inside. This might mean the blower fan motor or heat exchanger must be repaired or replaced.

Filters that do not work: These filters trap debris and impurities that would otherwise be let into the air. A clogged filter can cause the furnace to overheat and emit a strong odour.

Blower motor: If you smell something strange coming from your furnace, check to see if it is operating well by turning it on and off a few times while keeping an eye on how quickly the blower turns on. If it doesn’t turn on right away, there is a problem with the wiring inside the device or the wiring connections.


Final Thoughts

So, what should you do if your furnace stops working? First, do not panic. Identify the issue and see if it is one of the common furnace issues discussed here.

Once you’ve identified the problem, fix it yourself or contact a professional, depending on the circumstances. You should be able to replace the air filters and clean the system without help.

If you need professional help in repairing your furnace, please get in touch with us. Knowledge HVAC & Refrigeration Ltd provides quality furnace repair services to Surrey, Langley and other areas in BC. Contact us right away! 778-522-5669.