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Knowledge HVAC & Refrigeration Ltd serving customers in Coquitlam BC and it’s surroundings with there Hot Water Tank Installation or Replacement. Our certified technicians are fully trained and knowledgeable when it comes on to all hot water tanks. Knowledge HVAC & Refrigeration Ltd is ranked among the best refrigeration, heating and cooling companies in Coquitlam BC and it’s surroundings.

Customer’s with hot water tank in Coquitlam BC.

Customer having a gas or electric hot water tank should pay more attention towards their water tank. Because this is one of the most essential equipment inside your home that we rely on every day for hot water. We are so accustomed to turn our pipes on and like magic we received hot water. However, what many customers don’t realize, like any other equipment these things need servicing. The reason why there is a consistency of hot water is the fact that your system is functional and is in good working order. This is to say, customers should not wait until their system is broken.  Therefore, inviting a qualified contractor in your home for a proper inspection. So, in many cases this can be prevented by having a yearly maintenance done to the hot water tank.

Coquitlam BC Hot Water Tank Replacement or Hot Water Tank Installation.

Replacing your hot water tank will be determined by a number of factors. Therefore, customer’s should not only wait until their hot water tank is broken. However, there are many other signs to look for and some of these signs are:

  • Leaking water tank.

  • Smelling of the water.

  • Lack of hot water.

  • Dis-color water.

  • Tanks over ten years and having lots of issues.

  • Breaking down of the tank material.

  • Signs of calcium on or around the tank.

Note: Hot water tank installation or replacement should be done by a qualified contractor. Therefore this is important because incorrect installation can cause damage to homes and on the other hand injuring individuals.

Coquitlam BC Hot Water Tank Service.

It’s important to have your hot water tank service in order to sustain the life of your tank. Because within the water tank, calcium is formed at the bottom, due to the breaking down of chlorine inside the water. Hence causing the hot water tank to lose it’s efficiency. However, by flushing the hot water tank yearly, this will help to maintain tank efficiency. Hot water tanks are generally equipped with a sacrificial anode installed from the factory which helps to sustain the life of the tank. Hence helping with the process of slowing down rust from attacking the walls of the hot water tank.

All gas hot water tanks are equipped with a burner that should also be cleaned and check once per year. Most importantly, having regular maintenance will reduce the build-up of soot which will contribute to the system producing carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a tasteless and odorless gas which is extremely toxic to the human body if too much is being inhaled.

Coquitlam BC Hot Water Tank Repair.

If your hot water tank is broken and in need of repair, therefore give us a call today. We will schedule one of our specialist to visit your home to diagnose the problem. Our knowledgeable team have many years of experience working on both electric and gas hot water tank. Therefore, they can give you a full diagnostic report on what’s happening.

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