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My Electric Baseboard Heater Not Working?.

Why Is My Electric Baseboard Heater Not Working?

If your baseboard heater isn’t working, you should first check the settings of your thermostat. However, if the setting is ok, you should check your breaker panel and observe if you have any trip breaker.

NOTE: Customers should not reset any breakers multiple times upon seeing a trip breaker in the panel. Therefore, if everything looks ok, you should then contact your local heating specialist to diagnose the problem. In contrast, there can be many issues with any of the electrical components of your unit. So give us a call today to book your appointment. This may save you and your family from being uncomfortable.

How Does An Electric Baseboard Heater Work?

An electric baseboard heater uses an electric element to provide heat inside the conditioned space. Whenever the thermostat calls for heat, it then closes the circuit, which allows an electric voltage to apply to the element.

In addition, an electric current flows through the element, which allows it to produce heat. However, with the design of the metal fins inside the unit, heating the fins and the surrounding air will be a lot faster. Therefore, by doing so, cold air is then pulled into the heater as the warm air rises, creating a convection flow.

What Can Happen If My Baseboard Heater Won’t Turn Off?

A baseboard heater that runs nonstop, is a sign of a defective thermostat. Therefore, operating your heat with a malfunctioning thermostat, will increase your energy bill and also could start a fire.

So if this should happen, customers should turn the breaker off to that unit and get in touch with us right away. In addition, customers should always pay close attention to their heating system to avoid this problem.

All baseboard heaters are equipped with a high limit switch. This switch is installed to protect the system from overheating which could end in starting a fire. NOTE: It is a violation of the manufacturer policy to bypass this part and will void all warranty.

Why Do I Smell A Burning Odor Coming From My Baseboard Heater When It Runs?

As the baseboard heater heats up for the first time, after the offseason, you might smell something burning. Often the smell is from burned dust that has collected on the vents during its off period. This smell usually goes away after a few minutes.  Therefore, customers should not panic and should just wait for a few minutes of operation.

Can I Clean My Baseboard Heater?

Yes, you can. However, customers should wait for the heater to cools down, this will prevent you from getting burnt. Customers should always ensure the heater surrounding is clean and clear of all combustibles items. In addition, you can also clean the fins from dust with the use of a brush.

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