Furnace Repair Services in New Westminster.

Furnace Repair Services.

Looking to get Furnace repair services in New Westminster? Turn to the experts here at Knowledge HVAC & Refrigeration. Our team of professionals goes above and beyond to keep your home warm and comfortable. We value all of our customers, therefore, getting their system back to normal is our priority. 

We rely on our furnace to work during the cold winter weather and sometimes forget that these machines need to be maintained. However, a lack of furnace service will lead to system failure and will require your furnace to be repaired. Therefore, should you notice any of the following signs, call us immediately for an inspection or furnace repair services if necessary:

  • The unit is not powering on.
  • The furnace is not producing any heat.
  • Your furnace stays on and not turning off.
  • There is water surrounding the base of the furnace.
  • It’s producing unusual sounds or smells.

In addition, furnaces can show other symptoms. However, these issues occur more frequently. So, if something seems out of place with your furnace, don’t hesitate to give us a call. 778-522-5669.

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Furnace Repair Services in New Westminster.

Furnace repair should be done by professionals and not by just anyone. In addition, this is a requirement from the Technical Safety Authority BC and also by the insurance companies. Our factory-trained experts working on a wide range of furnace brands guarantee our customers will receive professional service.

Here are some of the furnace services we provide to customers living in New Westminster BC.

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