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Are you a resident looking for furnace repair in Richmond?. Well, here at Knowledge HVAC & Refrigeration, We specialize in repairing and maintaining all furnace makes and brands. With our furnace installer in Richmond , we guarantee our customers will receive the highest level of workmanship. 

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Why you need Richmond Furnace Repair in Richmond ?

Many customers have relied on their furnaces to provide them with heat through the cold winter weather. However, there are times when you will have to repair or maintain your furnace system. So with all these furnaces on the market today, having the right installation in furnace is very important.

 The design of your heating system is key to ensure the temperature regulated throughout your home with maximum efficiency. This involves having the correct size installation in the furnace during the initial setup. Therefore getting the right furnace installer is vital in all furnace installation in Richmond.

Reliable Expert Furnace Repair in Richmond: Your Heating Heroes

Our expert will thoroughly evaluate your furnace to diagnose the problem and provide you with an action plan for the repair. Our furnace installer in Richmond provide all of our customers, with fast and accurate emergency furnace repair in Richmond .

Signs To Tell You May Need Your Furnace Repair in Richmond

  • Unusual Sounds — banging, heavily vibrating, squeaking and hissing are all signs your furnace has a problem.
  • Foul Odors — if you smell burning or sulphur call us for emergency furnace repair in Richmond right away as it could be a carbon monoxide leak.
  • Insufficient or No Heat — The furnace not lighting, There is no sound coming from the furnace or the temperature is not hot enough. 

If your furnace is showing any of these signs, you may need to get your system check out. So give us a call today at 778-522-5669 to speak to one of our furnace installer in Richmond. Great furnace service in Richmond from exceptional guys.

What To Expect From Our Furnace Installer in Richmond

We will come to your home, fully test and clean the furnace system, look for any signs of wear or mechanical problems and recommend any parts replacements.  Upon completion, you will receive a report with any issues that require attention long before your system fails and leaves you in the cold. Therefore, schedule your appointment today and have your furnace service in Richmond by the experts.



Full furnace service and maintenance include:

  • Testing the air for traces of carbon monoxide.
  • Check the thermostat for proper operation.
  • Inspect for combustible material around the furnace.
  • Test the proper function of the safety control circuits.
  • Inspect and adjust fan belt tension (if applicable).
  • Lubricate and clean blower motor.
  • Clean and inspect the furnace burners.
  • Measure blower motor amperage and voltage for proper operation.
  • Inspect and tighten connections in electrical wiring.
  • Inspect furnace heat exchanger.
  • Check for natural gas leaks.

We Service, Repair, Install and Maintain All Furnace Brands

Areas We Service Across British Columbia

  • Vancouver
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