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Are you looking for a qualified company to provide you with fast boiler repair and maintenance in Richmond, BC?. Turn to Knowledge HVAC & Refrigeration Ltd, we are a fully licensed Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration contractor serving the Lower Mainland. With our red seal certified professionals, we provide our customers with the highest level of expertise. So if your boiler is broken or it’s making odd sounds or giving off strange smells. However, no matter what the case may be, we’re here to provide you with fast and reliable boiler repair services.

Signs That My Boiler May Need To Repair Or Maintenance.

 There are many early signs which will indicate that your boiler is in need of repair or service. Some of these signs are;

  • The boiler leaks water or signs of watermarks.
  • The system is taking a long time to reach temperature.
  • No record of the boiler been service for a long time.
  • Ever so often you would hear a banging or knocking sound coming from the walls.
  • The boiler won’t turn off or on.
  • Your carbon monoxide detector when off whenever the system is running.

If you should experience any of these symptoms mention above, give us a call today at 778-522-5669.

Richmond, BC Boiler Repair.

We provide boiler repair services to all makes and models systems to customers living in Richmond BC and it’s surroundings. With our factory-trained technicians, getting the job done correctly is our top priority. Your boiler won’t last forever and will require some repairs throughout the life of your system. However, having the right contractor working on your boiler will save you time and money.  At Knowledge HVAC & Refrigeration, our guarantee to our customers is that they will receive the highest level of workmanship.

Richmond, BC Boiler Service and Maintenance.

As a closed heating system, all gas boilers will need regular maintenance for it to optimize its efficiency.  In addition, this will help to prevent the boiler from developing major problems and also extend the life of your system. So, turn to the experts and have your boiler system checked before the winter months begin.

Although your boiler may appear to be running just fine, there could be hidden problems beneath the surface. Nevertheless, customers should be mindful, because avoiding system maintenance could turn into costly repairs if not caught early on. Our certified boiler experts will check the individual components of your system to ensure it’s running at maximum efficiency. So if there are any mechanical problems with the system, our knowledgeable and experienced technicians will diagnose the problem. 

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