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Do I Need To Cover My Air Conditioner For The Winter In BC, Canada?.

Do I Need To Cover My Air Conditioner For The Winter In BC, Canada?

Should you cover your air conditioner in the winter?

Many of our customers have been asking if they should cover their air conditioner system for the winter. To better answer this question, We will go ahead and explain the design of the outdoor condensing unit. Today’s outdoor Air Conditioner condensing units are robustly built and tested to withstand the extreme outdoor weather. Whether it’s heavy rain, lots of snow or extreme sunlight, the unit can handle it. The mechanical parts and coils are designed to hold up to both heat and cold temperatures. In addition, the materials that the manufacturer uses on the finished product of the condensing units are very durable. Therefore, you don’t need to cover the system during the off-season.

So as the summer’s over and it’s time to turn off the air conditioner and get ready for the heating season. Many customers have used this time to check out and maintain their home HVAC systems. However, in most cases why customers service their HVAC system in the fall, is to have it prepare for the coming season.

Why Cover Your AC Unit In The Fall Or Winter?

Having a cover for your outdoor condensing unit is good, especially if your home is surrounded by trees. This is important because of the leaves falling off the trees during this period.

To avoid all these leave from entering your condensing unit, it is best to have it covered. The leaves inside the outdoor unit which sit at the bottom can attract worms and other insects to live inside. However, over a long period of time, you will find plants start to grow inside your system. This will eventually disrupt the function of the unit.

When Do I Need An Air Conditioner Covered?.

  • If your home is surrounded by trees.
  • The condensing unit is installed close to an exhaust venting.
  • Close to a swimming pool that uses chlorine or other chemicals for cleaning.
  • Your home is close to the ocean.
  • You are living close to a construction zone.

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