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With our furnace installers having many years of experience in  furnace repair in  Coquitlam . Residents of Coquitlam have always turn to Knowledge Hvac & Refrigeration Ltd as their furnace installers . Our team of professionals have been factory trained on a wide range of furnace makes and brands. 

Having the right furnace installers  working on your equipment should be customer top priority. Therefore, customers should take the time to read up on what to ask when inviting someone into their home. Your gas furnace is safe to operate but can be dangerous in the event of system failure. So, by having a non-qualified contractor working on your equipment could end up costing you a lot more.  

It is mandatory for all contractors working on any gas equipment to be certified. Why is this important?. With the burning of any fuel, your system has the potential to produce high levels of carbon monoxide. This poisonous gas is extremely harmful to the human body and also has the potential to kill. Therefore, with the corrected training, individuals would know what to look and test the equipment for.

Technical Safety BC is where individuals would be tested before receiving their certification. However, for more information on certified gas contractor in Coquitlam, customer can call or visit the Technical Safety BC website

During the cold weather, having a broken furnace will get your home cold and uncomfortable. However, by contacting us at +1-778-522-5669 to speak to one of our furnace installers, you will have your furnace back to normal in no time. There are many reason that can cause your furnace to stop working. This may be from a small problem as, no power to the furnace or a major heat exchanger issue. However, having an experience individual will determine what is happening to the furnace. With advance technology in today’s furnace, most problems will be detected a lot faster than older models. This is to maintain the safety of system operation. Below are some of what could cause your furnace to stop from working;

  • Lack of service
  • No pilot flame or defective ignitor.
  • Defective limit switch.
  • Blower motor not working. 
  • Flame rectification problems.
  • Pressure switch not working.
  • Not enough gas pressure.

Dependable Heating Solutions: Furnace Repair in Coquitlam 

When you do furnace repair in Coquitlam, if you are actually extending the life of your system. In most case, what causes your furnace to be broken is due to lack of service. Manufacturer recommend that your furnace to be service in Coquitlam every year. However, in some cases lack of maintenance will void your system warranty. When it comes to changing your filters, one inch filters should be replaced once per month. But, most filter manufacture will recommend that you replace your one inch filters within ninety days or three months. For more information on filters visit our blog Furnace Filter.

What will happen if I don't service my furnace?


  • Higher carbon monoxide potential. 
  • Furnace will operate at a higher temperature.
  • Lower system efficiency.
  • Burning of a lot more fuel.
  • Higher motor amperage draws.
  • Can cause crack heat exchanger.
  • health problems

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