Commercial Refrigerator Repair in Surrey

Commercial Refrigerator Repair in Surrey

Commercial Refrigerator Repair in Surrey

Knowledge HVAC & Refrigeration Ltd is well-known across Surrey and Canada for its quality and reliable services when it comes to commercial refrigerator repair. With our team of professionals, we ensure our clients get the best person to do the task. So, if you own an establishment, storage facility, refrigeration plant, Bar, supermarket, or supermarket, contact us at+1-778-522-5669 immediately.

We ensure our technicians have the necessary skills to work on various refrigeration equipment. They’re constantly undergoing educational training to keep current with all technological changes. With our team’s decades of expertise and factory training, we need a more significant job to manage.



Commercial Refrigerator in Surrey

A commercial refrigerator is a remote-condensing or self-contained system that maintains refrigerated temperature across various industries. Most of these are designed with storage compartments for presentation or storing food items, flowers or beverages with temperature ranges from 0°F to 40°F.

Commercial refrigeration systems are generally regarded as large systems. Specific systems utilize multiple compressors or condensing units with a variety of models. The most common examples of these systems are refrigerators for supermarkets, drinks machines, ice cream machines, prep tables, ice machines, walk-in coolers, freezers and display cases.

Do you need help dealing with a commercial refrigerator repair in Surrey? Contact Knowledge HVAC & Refrigeration now to have one of our certified experts take care of the needs of your equipment.

A certified professional should perform your commercial refrigerator repair in Surrey. The systems are complicated and may be difficult because of many aspects. So, having the right person working on your equipment will ensure the task is completed correctly.

Types Of Commercial Refrigeration We Repair and Service

We offer repair and service for commercial establishments that have various types of refrigeration units:

  • Commercial refrigerators
  • Commercial freezers
  • Commercial coolers
  • Commercial Ice machines
  • Display cases.
  • There are coolers and freezers under the counter.
  • Beverage coolers
  • Ice display freezers for cream
  • Walk-in Freezers
  • Walk-in coolers
  • Traditional reach-ins
  • Glass door coolers, freezers, and doors



5 Signs That You Need Commercial Refrigerator Repair in Surrey

  • Build-up of Frost
  • Noticeable Temperature Fluctuations
  • Odour Issue
  • Unusual or Strange Noise
  • Water Leaks

Build-up of Frost

The accumulation of frost is average and can be a sign that something isn’t how it should be with your refrigerator.

Frost can result from various factors, such as:

  • Changes in humidity.
  • Pressure relief valve that is not working correctly.
  • Gaskets that have been damaged or are worn out.
  • Problems with insulation.
  • The freezer door was left open too long.
  • The entrance to the freezer needs to be sealed correctly.
  • Frost build-up around or on the evaporator coil could indicate an issue with the fan or electronic components.

The frost accumulation indicates a mechanical issue(s) and shows that your refrigeration unit will increase energy costs because it’s not working correctly.

Noticeable Temperature Fluctuations

Food should be kept at an even temperature and lower cycles (on and off); the refrigeration system uses less power.

The following factors can cause temperature changes:

  • Compressor malfunctioning.
  • A defective temperature gauge is easily verified using the aid of a thermometer.
  • A fan that is dirty or not working correctly.
  • The refrigeration unit door was left open for too long.
  • The entrance of the refrigerator unit needs to be sealed correctly.
  • Sensor damaged.
  • Condenser coils with a diluted coating.
  • Air needs to be appropriately circulated because of the amount of food stored.
  • Failure of the electrical component(s).

Odour Issue

Commercial refrigerator units aren’t made of mechanical components that smell unpleasant. Most of the time, food that has gone bad or is decomposing on or near the team is generally the source of the odour. After you’ve cleared this issue, you can decide if the smell results from something more serious.

Similar odours indicate the presence of a problem and may be caused by the following:

  • The accumulation of bacteria or mould on an internal coil that is dirty.
  • Leakage in the refrigerant coolant.
  • A malfunctioning condenser.

Unusual or Strange Noise

An audible sound coming from your fridge is usually a sign of something that needs to be fixed. It is crucial to determine the noise, so address the issue immediately to avoid possibly developing into something more expensive.

Water Leaks

Water leaks are usually a simple and inexpensive fix, but it could be a sign that something more serious is happening.

The most typical causes of water leaks can be:

  • Broken seals.
  • Water lines damaged.
  • Water lines that are blocked or frozen.
  • The drain which is used to thaw has become blocked.
  • The drain pan is tilted to the left and overflowing.

Best Practice to Reduce Commercial Refrigerator Repair

The inability to recognize the need for equipment maintenance frequently leaves businesses with costly repairs to handle in the future. The refrigerator’s lifespan is prolonged, and expenses are reduced when maintenance is performed according to schedules.

To support businesses in maintaining their equipment, Knowledge HVAC & Refrigeration Ltd is a well-known HVAC contractor in Surrey. Our team of experts has several techniques for spotting signs if your commercial refrigerator needs repair before it’s too late.

You should schedule regular maintenance with Knowledge HVAC & Refrigeration Ltd to guarantee maximum efficiency and long-term performance. This investment will save you money in the long run. Call us now at +1-778-522-5669 for Commercial Refrigerator Repair in Surrey.