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Turn to the experts for all your boiler repair and boiler service in Maple Ridge. We work on all makes and brands, whether it’s hot water, steam, high efficiency or mid-efficiency system, we got you covered. Knowledge HVAC & Refrigeration have been helping residents with their heating, cooling and refrigeration in Maple Ridge and it’s surroundings. So give Knowledge HVAC & Refrigeration a call today and speak to one of our water heater installer in Maple Ridge.

5 Most Common Boiler Problems Q&A

  • Nothing is happening with the new boiler.

Answer: Check to ensure the power switch is on.

  • The main burner will not light.

Answer: Check to see if your pilot is on.

  • No heat is coming from the radiators.

Answer: check to see if your circulation pump stops working.

  • Your room is hot and your thermostat is in the off position.

Answer: There is a problem with your zone, so contact your local contractor.

  • Your carbon monoxide detector alarm turns on.

Answer:  Take your family outside to safety and call the fire department.


Maple Ridge's Trusted Boiler Repair Expert

Our water heater installer are fully trained, certified and have been to many manufacturer training courses to become trusted by some of the biggest brands in Maple Ridge. So, with our team’s many years of repairing a boiler experience, we guarantee our customers will receive top quality service. However, take action now and experience quick and reliable heating services for yourself. 

Ensuring Effective Heating: Maple Ridge's Professional Boiler Service

We focus on professional boiler service in Maple Ridge and with our well-trained experts, we can take care of all your heating needs. Your new boiler inspection, boiler cleaning or boiler maintenance in Maple Ridge should be done once per year. This is a requirement from the manufacturer and could sometimes affect your warranty claim if your system wasn’t service. So give Knowledge HVAC & Refrigeration a call today and schedule your next appointment for your boiler maintenance in Maple Ridge.

Why Choose Knowledge HVAC & Refrigeration for Boiler Repair?

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Timely arrivals for your convenience

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Clear, upfront pricing without unexpected surprises

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Member of the FortisBC Trade Ally Program for rebates.

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Matching prices with competitors.

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Online or in-home accessible estimates

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Complimentary correction in case of any issues with our work.

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Incorporated labor warranty

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Experienced gas technicians with proper licensing and insurance.

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Limited-time financing available with zero interest.

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Founded in 2019, serving over 1000 clients in the Lower Mainland.

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Qualified Class B Gas Fitters for residential, commercial, and light industrial boilers.

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Confirmation of the installation plan prior to commencing work, covering piping, electrical, fittings, and insulation.

Boiler Troubles? Act Before It's Urgent!

Knowledge HVAC & Refrigeration offers emergency boiler repair services in Maple Ridge. However, you can sidestep the inconvenience of a sudden breakdown by scheduling regular maintenance and remaining vigilant for signs of strain or potential issues:

  1. Leaks or Drips: Look out for any dripping or leaking, which may stem from broken seals, worn-out valves, or excessive pressure.

  2. Unusual Noises: Pay attention to any unusual sounds like gurgling, whistling (indicating mineral deposits), or banging, as these could signal air in the system.

  3. Uneven Heating: If radiators are heating unevenly, it might be due to debris or sludge accumulation.

  4. Random Starts and Stops: Be wary of random starts and stops, as they may point to issues with the thermostat or other internal components.

Taking these proactive steps can help you avoid sudden boiler breakdowns and ensure the efficient operation of your system.

We Service, Repair, Install and Maintain All Boiler Brands

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