air conditioning not working

Air Conditioning Not Cooling

My Air conditioning Is Not Cooling

Few things to look for if your air conditioner isn't cooling

There are many reasons to cause your air conditioning to stop cooling. However, some of what we will discuss in this blog will give you a broader understanding of what you can check before calling someone. We rely on our air conditioning to keep us cool and comfortable throughout the warm summer weather. During this time we would set our thermostat to the desired temperature and sit back to have the system do its thing. But, what we don’t understand is that each time our air conditioning turns on, it is relying on a lot of functions to operate properly.

Here are a few things to look for if your air conditioner isn’t cooling:

  • Do I Need To Change My Air Conditioning Air Filter?
  • Will My Air Conditioning work With Insufficient Airflow?
  • Electrical Issues
  • Do I Need To Change My Air Conditioning Air Filter?
  • What Happens When My Air Conditioning Evaporator Coil Freezes Up?
  • Should I Operate My Air Conditioning with Low Refrigerant?

Thermostat Issues

This may be small but is a major factor in system performance. A dirty air filter will cause so much stress on your system to achieve your desire temperature. But what we can do is to replace our air filter a lot more frequently. Air conditioning needs to have enough airflow blowing across the air handler. Without this airflow, there will be other problems which cause your system to not work properly.

Will My Air Conditioning work With Insufficient Airflow?.

Lack of airflow will cause your home to feel humid and uncomfortable. It will take your air conditioning system a lot longer to get your home to that perfect temperature. So, by having your system serviced and replacing your air filter regularly, will allow a lot more airflow. However, if you are not getting enough airflow, first check your filter to see if it’s plugged. Second, check around your evaporator coil or casing to see if there’s any ice build-up. Third, listen if your blower motor is struggling to run.

Electrical Issues.

Electrical problems can cause by any component of the system. Therefore, customers should first check their fuse box to ensure power is going to the unit.

Thermostat Issues.

In some cases, the thermostat setting may also contribute to system failure. So, check your thermostat and ensure the setting is correct. The thermostat should set to cool and lower to the desired temperature.

What Happens When My Air Conditioning Evaporator Coil Freezes Up?.

This will stop your air conditioning from cooling. Coil Freeze up mainly caused by two factors. One is having a plugged air filter, which will lower airflow and causes less heat transfer. Two is not having enough refrigerant flow for heat absorption.

Should I Operate My Air Conditioning with Low Refrigerant?.

If your air conditioning is low on refrigerant, this is an indication that your system has a refrigerant gas leak. Whereby, this leak must be found and fix as quickly as possible. Operating your system with low refrigerant will cause your compressor to overheat. This is because your compressor motor relies on the refrigerant gas to stay cool. One of the reasons to ensure your system refrigerant is ok is that you will have a lot more heat transfer. In other words, your system will give you maximum cooling.

What Happens When I Have A Dirty Condenser Unit?.

Keeping your outdoor unit cleaned is very important for a number of reasons. In the condensing unit, the refrigerant would expel the heat it picks up from the conditioned space. So, having a dirty condensing unit will not complete the process properly. As for system efficiency, a dirty condenser will drastically reduce the efficiency of the system. This means you will have a higher electric bill, more energy consumption and also a higher coil temperature.