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Top-quality boiler repair and service in Pitt Meadows BC. Turn to the experts, for all your boiler needs. Our professional team has many years of boiler repair experience. So contact us today if you are looking for a fast and reliable service company.

Boiler Safety.

When it comes on to the safety performance of your boiler, regular maintenance is very important. A boiler that lacks maintenance can lead to the building up of soot. Not only that, it will cause your boiler to produce dangerous gases like carbon monoxide. In addition, should this deadly gas fill your home, it will definitely cause illness or even death.

So, if your residential boiler should breakdown unexpectedly and make the comfort of your home uncomfortable. Give us a call and speak to one of our specialists.

Boiler Repair In Pitt Meadows BC.

Your boiler system may need to be repaired from time to time. Therefore, getting the right contractor is very important. Most boilers in today’s market are being built with lots more electronics. So, gone are the days your boiler system was a standard on and off a piece of equipment. But as technology evolves, so do our experts. Our pros are factory trained on most of this new equipment. Therefore, act now we’ll ensure your boiler is up and running in no time. 

Boiler Service In Pitt Meadows BC.

Even with regular boiler maintenance service, it is always important to install a carbon monoxide detector within the surrounding of your boiler. This will alarm the homeowner in the event of any carbon monoxide spillage.  

Yearly maintenance is required for all boiler systems and must be carried out by a certified individual. As for most manufacturers, they will void your system warranty if customers should neglect their system maintenance.

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