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Residents in Abbotsford BC have always turn to Knowledge Hvac & Refrigeration for their boiler repair and service. However, with our team’s years of experience and factory training, getting the job done correctly is our priority. Your boiler is a very important piece of equipment within your home and must be taking care of. Therefore, having the right individual to service or repair your boiler system can save you on your energy consumption.

How Does a Boiler Work?

When the thermostat calls for heat, your boiler will turn on and starts heating the water. During this time, the circulation pump will run and circulate the hot water throughout the system where the heat is needed. As a result, the heat from the hot water will radiate throughout the rooms before returning back to the boiler to re-heat. As for the boiler, it will operate until the thermostat is satisfied.

However, once the condition space requires more heat, the boiler would start and the process would start all over again.

Boiler Repair In Abbotsford BC.

When it comes on to boiler system repairs, having the right contractor is important.The boiler system is complex and can be dangerous due to multiple factors. An individual who don’t know what they are doing can cause potential danger to you and your family. One of the most dangerous event that can happen, is carbon monoxide poisoning.

Your boiler burns fossil fuel, which causes the production of carbon monoxide to be present within the exhaust system.This is dangerous should it escape inside the home. Therefore, we recommend a carbon monoxide detector to be install close to the mechanical room.  

Boiler Service In Abbotsford BC.

Boiler systems are not cheap and should be maintain in order to achieve the maximum life out of the system. Apart from this, the manufacturer recommends that your boiler system should be check and service on a yearly basis. So contact us today and have one of our specialist over to service your boiler system.  

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